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afrikaners's Journal

Afrikaners, the White Tribe of Africa
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This is a community for Afrikaners, both at home and abroad. So if youre an Afrikaner, then please come join.

Part of the South African Family of Communities at LJ

southafrica and south_africa The two main South African communities

sa_goths South African Gothic community

za_furs For furs, scalies, therians, avians, weres, and anthros who live in South or Southern Africa

za_music South African Music

za_politix South African Politics

za_sports South African Sports

gay_southafrica Gay South Africa

za_media_pop South African media and Pop Culture

the_anc African National Congress

durban_za Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

cape_town Cape Town, Western cape

joburg_za Johannesburg, gauteng

afrikaners 'Nuff said.

southafrica_lit South african Literature

anime_za Anime and japanese Pop Culture in South Africa

pretoria_uni University of Pretoria

uni_of_joburg University of Johannesburg (merger of RAU and TWR, 01/01/05)